Innovation. Through the process of innovation, we’ve accomplished more in less time than ever before.

We have new medicines, new inventions, new buildings…all with the goal of making life simpler.

The problem is that they often do just the opposite.

We accomplish more in less time, but have less time with which to accomplish.

We work more hours and vacation less. We have more stress and less freedom. We work ourselves to the point of exhaustion and allow stress invade our lives without any end in sight.

So when do we take time to unwind? Where do we go to rekindle the magic and ignite the spark of innovation that made it all possible in the first place?

Art can provide a great solution. Through art we are able to nourish our minds and find refreshment for our weary souls. Our spirit soars as we allow ourselves to be spoken to by a painting, a sculpture, or in our even in our own attempts to create.

Thankfully, you don’t have to drive for miles to enjoy an art gallery or to benefit from the therapeutic attributes of art classes.

You can come to Local Color Art Gallery & Studio in Joplin, MO and find the relief you’ve been seeking.

We have a vibrant gallery which features a variety of art from many different artists, including some local artists from the region.

We also offer art instruction to all ages and skill levels so that you can create your own piece of art and have something that will inspire you for years to come.

If you’re looking for a simple escape from the stresses of life, come visit our location in Joplin, MO and let art inspire you once again!