Curt Penland

My journey into the soul-cleansing joy of art happened completely by accident for me and at a time when I needed it the most. Beginning with mosaic art in 2006, I added fused glass (warm glass or kiln-formed glass) to my artistic pursuits in 2011. The limitless ideas and outcomes from these wonderful mediums led to the selection of Imagine More Mosaics and Glass as my studio name. I would describe my art as primarily 20th-Century post-modern, with an emphasis on balanced, colorful, and bold geometric designs. My passion for these pursuits now includes teaching basic, intermediate, and advanced fused glass classes. If someone had told me 20-years ago that my life would take this direction, I would have thought them crazy! Yet, it has, and my gratitude for this fact is immeasurable. It constantly amazes me what can result when the heart and mind join with the hand on creative artistic adventures.