Keli Starr | Joplin MO

My love for crafting copper jewelry began in the fall of 2018-with copper from the hardware store, a pair of pliers, a few stones, and several rounds of YouTube videos on wire weaving.

I was instantly hooked! I twisted, weaved, and bent this beautifully warm toned crystal to the rhythm of my creative thoughts; while beaming with admiration of what I had created.

I began making copper jewelry for family and friends. And after several post of my jewelry on social media I received request for orders!

My method of crafting Keli Starr Copper Jewelry-is a technique of wire weaving. All of my jewelry is one of a kind and handcrafted with the inclusion of semiprecious stones and other meticulously selected beads and semi stones.
The brilliance of life is perpetually unwrapped to reveal our greatest gifts! A timeless journey through self expression and self love!

It is a joy to share my expression of divine love with you through my copper creations.

Keli Starr’s Copper Creations are one of a kind handcrafted expressions; not only from the perspective of my client, but also inclusive of the flow of energy from the crystal itself!

May my one of a kind copper creations, bring you as much energetic fulfillment as I was given in creating them.