Paula Fulgium| Ketchum OK

At this time, I consider myself a Folk Artist. (With a flair)!

Born and raised in Oklahoma and Missouri, My husband (of 49 years) Rick and I met in Art History Class while attending technical school in Okmulgee, Oklahoma and we dreamed of traveling and seeing all the destinations we studied about (which we were able to accomplish seeing most of, after starting our adventures when he joined the U. S. Army).

Early in our marriage, we used to compete in painting contests, (against each other)! Sometimes oils, watercolors, and settling in acrylics.

As his career took him in a whole new direction. I attempted to provide stability for our two daughters by becoming a stay-at-home mom and I soon began painting Christmas ornaments and personalizing them at craft shows on Army, and Air Force Bases, throughout Germany, as well as Belgium and Holland American Women’s clubs.

At age 49 I took a “Left Brain” detour and went back to school to become an Ultrasound Technician. (I know, it’s strange, but it still fascinates me)!

After retiring in 2014, we moved back to Oklahoma and as I began finding my way back into creativity I found myself reverting to Folk Art, which has always captivated me with its traditional history of common people beautifying their simple surroundings.

I find it very satisfying to paint functional art, something you will see or use every day. (Why not take artwork with you)? Each item is lovingly hand-painted with freehand designs inspired by, Baurenmalerai (German Folk Art), Rosemaling (Norwegian Folk Art), and American Folk Art.