Kim Kissel

Brent Skinner | Joplin MO

I love to work with clay and have been doing so since 1980. Iā€™m addicted to all types of clay techniques. By far my favorite is wheel thrown. There is nothing better than sitting down with eight pounds of clay and creating a vessel. Each piece is made with my hands, heart and soul.

I have been doing art shows around the country since 1992. I have been a master potter at Silver Dollar City for the past ten years.

I like firing my works lots of different ways: Highfire stoneware, wood fired, cone 6 but most of the work I sell is Raku fired. I like the immediate effects that it has on my work and the enjoyment of the people who watch me demonstrate. This is very exhilarating for me and gives me the drive to excel.

I do many types of Raku, copper matte, various types of crackle glazes, decoration of pots with horsehair, human hair and emu feathers, crawly glazes, moon surface glazes and many more.

My family and I live and create in a rural setting north of Diamond, Missouri.