Jesse McCormick's Portraits

Jesse McCormick | Joplin MO


Jesse was born in Carthage, Missouri. Many of his paintings and drawings are in private collections. Some have won prizes and awards in competition. He studied Engineering, Music, Psychology, Writing, and Art. He enjoys working in the Tri-State area for its many talented and personable artists and art enthusiasts. He sometimes teaches art classes and participates in the Joplin 3rd Thursday Artwalks.


His vision emphasizes people, animals, rocks, trees and water; sometimes architecture. These become interacting symbols of abstract thought and emotions. Light as color and contrast are important like the sun giving light and reflecting off the subject matter. Often the light simply comes from within.


“I move my inner vision out where others may see it and it may remain for a while. I paint people, nature, and light. I convert what seems to be chaos into a visionary experience. The magic of painting makes imagination visible.”

Spiva Membership 2014 Awards

Honorable Mention 2D Winner

Thomas Hart Benton 28th Annual Art Competition and Exhibition 2023

2nd place award for “Living Landscape”

JRAC “Good Things Come in Small Packages” Show at Spiva Art Center 2023

2nd place award for “Flight”