Have you ever been to an art gallery and noticed the various nationalities and languages of your fellow patrons? It’s amazing how art can span linguistic and cultural barriers as it inspires viewers from across the globe. Art has a special power and touches the heart and soul of those who view it. Why not experience that thrill on a more personal level by taking art classes at your local art gallery? You’ll feel inspired as you learn to create your own wall art and will gain new friends along the way. As you progress in your art instruction, you’ll find your world expanding as you network with other local artists build on your experience. You’ll find art to be a welcome companion for the rest of your life and will watch your talent bloom with each new creation. We’ve seen it happen time and time again with our art students and are certain that you’ll find the same joy.

To learn more about our art gallery or the various art classes we offer, come visit us at our Joplin, MO location and let us know how we can help you awaken your inner artist! Contact us today, we look forward to hearing from you.