Camille Meeker-Turner, Joplin MO

Camille Turner Local Color Art Gallery Joplin MOI come by my creativity honestly, following in the footsteps of my late father, Bill Meeker, our drive to create undeniable, our artistic paths altogether different.  Growing up in his artistic shadow was challenging, but in the end he was my biggest fan.  I continue my path in his honor.

I began my three dimensional work in 1979 in the media of wax and the lost wax process. Custom jewelry design was my passion for twenty years. Upon discovering my natural eye for building things from the ground up, I’ve never looked back.   My career choice was dental technology, I convinced my first employer to hire and teach me foregoing three years of schooling and the pay that went with being certified.   My 11 year career as a dental technician was cut short due to illness, but I’ve continued to create on my own terms.

In 2001, I abandoned lost wax for polymer clay. I love the texture and the detail I can achieve with it.  I work primarily to create dollhouse scale miniature animals (1 inch = 1 foot).  I also enjoy doing custom work.  Each piece is created from the ground up using high quality polymer clay, acrylic paint, hand selected silk, alpaca, yak, and camel blended fibers. Each is one of a kind and comes with a certificate of authenticity.  A great deal of time and patience goes into creating one of these sculptures.  I began selling online in 2001 and have an International following.  In recent months, I have begun developing my skills in oil painting with the help of April Davis, Paula Giltner and Jesse McCormick.  It was easy choosing my subject matter, April says “paint what you love”, for me, it is all about the animals, wildlife and domestic.

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Spiva Membership 2014 Awards

2nd Place 3D

Spiva Membership 2014 Awards Honorable Mention 2D Winner Camille Turner