When thinking about ways in which you can gather a crowd for a good time, there are multiple avenues you can take. You could choose to go bowling for a child’s party, plan a dinner out with all your girlfriends, or even a golf outing to reunite all the guys. A private party at the Local Color Art Gallery is also a perfect way to celebrate love and friendship. Art has the ability to bring a group of people together to create something magnificent. Here are a few reasons why you should host a private party at the Local Color Art Gallery.


Whether you paint on a normal basis or not, a private painting party can be fun for anyone. Creating art allows one to truly display their inner thoughts and emotions via canvas. Not only does it provide a feeling of relaxation, but it also gives freedom to create. The Local Color Art Gallery sees the beauty that lies within artwork, especially when surrounded by love, friendship, and laughter. There are no rules when painting, which is why a private painting party is a great way to catch up with old friends!


Going to a private party at the Local Color Art Gallery is something fun that is out of the ordinary. Instead of simply gathering friends and family for a dinner, why not choose to host a private party at the Local Color Art Gallery! It’s not every day that someone goes to a private painting party. Therefore, this will bring you and your loved ones a more memorable experience, giving you something to talk about and look back on for years to come!

All Ages

Private painting parties are great for a variety of age demographics. When looking for children birthday party ideas, a painting party at the Local Color Art Gallery can be something fun for the kids to enjoy, allowing them to participate in activities! It also works well when trying to reunite old friends, because it allows painters to talk while also creating a beautiful work of art!

Are you ready to schedule your private painting party with the Local Color Art Gallery? For a small fee of $35, you can have your very own party with us, and that includes all the materials you will need! Folks in Joplin, MO have been choosing LCAG for years, and continue to love the services offered. Come see why! To schedule your private painting party, give us a call at (417) 553-0835, or visit us at www.colorartgalleryjoplin.com.