Diana Bray

Much of my artwork is three-dimensional and abstract.  I re-purpose interesting found items, either as the basis of a new piece of work, or attach them directly to paintings.  In addition to abstract pieces, I enjoy painting people and interiors in a realistic style.

My interest in spirituality, including multiple realities and the idea that we are constantly co-creating reality, is a frequent topic of my artwork.  Therefore, shamanistic imagery, references to the natural and supernatural world, and to our inner lives through meditation and dream work abound.  This is a perspective that includes reincarnation, and represents the teachings of Seth (as channeled by Jane Roberts) and Abraham (as channeled by Esther Hicks.)  God is very much a part of these teachings, and each of us is considered a partial manifestation of God, at one with the natural world, and with more powers than we traditionally recognize.

Although I have been an artist since childhood, my career has primarily been as a mental health counselor, working with adults, and assisting them in improving their lives.  Believing that each of us is a work in progress with incredible potential, I also incorporate therapeutic, nurturing elements into my artwork, to inspire and benefit the participating observer.

Originally from Enid, Oklahoma, my work has been in numerous exhibitions, won several awards, and can be found in private collections in Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri.

Diana Bray, Joplin MO