Spring is wonderful time of year when millions of people venture outside in an attempt to enjoy the warmer weather. However, April showers can sometimes interrupt even the most well-made plans, leaving you with nothing to do with the remainder of your day. While you could sit at home, surf the internet or watch tv, here are a few other options to consider that will leave you feeling much more refreshed and inspired.

One option to consider is coming downtown to browse our art gallery. We have a wide array of art available in a variety of styles from both known and local artists. Here you can find a great selection of wall art and framed art with which to decorate your home or to simply enjoy as you walk throughout the building. For those seeking a more ‘hands on’ activity, we recommend taking one of our art classes that feature detailed art instruction. You’ll be able to make something of your own to take home and enjoy and will learn a lot more about yourself and the creative process along the way.

So don’t let the rain drive you insane, come visit our gallery in Joplin, MO and let art set you free!