Our art gallery has a generous amount of wonderful and established artists from all around, this time we would like to focus on Mr. Steve Doerr. His craft is wood turning, his many works include wooden bowls, platters, pens, and many other unique pieces of art. Steve is a self taught artist and has been working with wood since 1980. We have had the pleasure of him visiting and showcasing his work in our art gallery for several years. He also teaches classes on how to manipulate and mold wood into several pieces of art. Steve also likes to branch out of his comfort zone and create a custom piece of art based on the client’s request. We are so very lucky to have him visit our gallery and share his wealth of knowledge and own unique perspective on wood turning.

Please give us a call at 417-553-0835 to find morning information about Steve and his works, as well as the other wonderful artists that are a part of our art gallery in Joplin, MO. We can’t wait to share our art and culture with you soon.