Art has so much potential- potential that often goes unnoticed, unannounced, and unthought-of of. However, Local Color Art Gallery sees the beauty and offerings that come from art and the perfect imperfection of life itself. Whether you’re a creative adult wanting to learn more about the opportunities that lie within art or have a child who is just learning to color in-between the lines, Local Color Art Galley wants to help you realize the beauty of art. Serving Joplin, MO for many years, Local Color Art Gallery has managed to create a community within this artistic city and has made a lasting impact on the creative side of city members.

Adult Classes

Local Color Art Gallery offers many different adult classes throughout the year that are open to not just city members of Joplin, MO but also the surrounding area. Vino & Van Gogh is a monthly painting class in which LCAG brings in its very talented staff members to give step by step instruction on how to paint a masterpiece while also having fun. No experience is necessary for this class and wine is involved! Another class offered is a Wednesday class. This night involves acrylic, oil, and watercolor painting, led by one of Local Color Art Gallery’s very own artists. This class is very reasonably priced and benefits those of talent.

Nationally Known Artists

To excite things every so often, Local Color Art Gallery invites in nationally known artists to run a workshop for community members interested. Not only does this give you insight to the life of an artist, but you also get a glimpse of how and where their inspiration comes from. Filled with amazing pointers and tricks for all things art, these nationally known artists always offer amazing spunk and liveliness to those attending the workshop.

Are you ready to get your art on? To learn more about upcoming classes, call the Local Color Art Gallery at (417) 553-0835 or visit their website at