Sandy Robinson

After obtaining a degree in elementary education at MSSU in Joplin, Missouri, I went on to PSU in Kansas to earn a Master’s degree. Following college, I had experience in teaching at the elementary level, school counseling and in doing psychometric evaluations. Also, while living in Oklahoma City, I worked in sales and training for Priority Management where we did group and individual training in self-management, working well with others, asset and resource management and task and activity management.

Presently, I make jewelry.  My creations include work in sterling and fine silver, copper, brass, semi precious stones, bone, wood, leather, colored pencil, found objects and repurposed items. I love the challenge of taking a flat piece of metal, a length of wire, stones, beads and vintage components and transforming it all into a stunning piece of unique, wearable art.

I do appreciate and admire fine jewelry made from precious metals and rare, beautiful stones. However, not everyone can make a very substantial investment in jewelry of that caliber. So, my passion is making beautiful, high quality necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and pins that someone on a more limited budget can afford and enjoy wearing.