steve henton local color art gallery

Until 1994 I would have classified my occupation as a System Administrator.  Like so many Vietnam era veterans I came back to the United States searching for something that I could do having been drafted in the US Army.  While in the Army became an Army Ranger working with the best of the best in the US Army.  Upon return to civilian life I became a computer programmer and later a System Administrator moving to Denver Colorado from Wichita Kansas.  I was drawn to the IT world as it was very technical and the products that we produced were different from working the in machine shops of my youth.

But there was something that I was always drawn to, the wonderful colors produced by the local glass artist.  For Christmas 1994 my wife enrolled me in an entry level glass blowing glass at NODROG Studio in Arvada Colorado owned by my good friend Donna Gordon.   My life goals changed after a single class.   I can remember the joy of ‘gathering’ this small bubble of glass.   I have since gone on to work primarily with Kiln Formed glass although I do have a hot glass crucible used primarily to make paper weights and the ability to do torch work to make glass beads in my studio located on the outskirts of Neosho Missouri.

While in Denver I had the opportunity to work with one of the best, Patty Gray.  Patty teaches you how to do anything with glass.  She brings out the best in everyone that takes her classes.  I have taken the skills that I have gathered over the years and now have works that demonstrate the creative nature that can come with using the kiln to form works of art.

Now that we have relocated to Southwest Missouri we have spent time exploring the area as well as meeting the many wonderful local artist in the Joplin/Neosho area.

Steve Henton, Joplin MO