Why do we frame something? Simply put, a frame is used to protect an item and to highlight it. It sets it apart from other things by giving it its own living area complete with borders which divide it from everything else. In doing so the item becomes the focal point of the room and grabs the attention of anyone who may happen to pass by. Such is the case with framed art.

Framed art is a great addition to any room and causes the viewer to stop and take notice. The right painting or photograph can become the centerpiece for the room in which it lives, giving an added vibrancy and enthusiasm to the space.

A great way to find framed art is by perusing a local art gallery. They feature artists of all types including local artists and artists from abroad. You can also make your own framed art, which makes the design even more special to the home. Some art galleries even feature art classes with top of the line art instruction to help you hone your technique as you create your masterpiece.

To learn more about framed art and how it can liven up your home, come visit our gallery in Joplin, MO. We look forward to seeing you.