A new type of art school has been spreading like wildfire across the U.S. recently. It
seems like every time we log onto Facebook, we see a group of friends at a ‘Paint
and Sip’ party—smiling cheerfully and holding their latest masterpieces for a group

But why are Paint and Sip Parties (or, as we affectionately call them at Local Color
Art Gallery, Vino and Van Gogh) so popular? Read on to find out.

For those readers who are unfamiliar with Wine and Painting classes, here’s the run
down: many art studios are offering classes that focus on group sessions set up so
that the clients will learn how to recreate a masterpiece, led by an instructor, and
can return home with his/her own wall-ready canvas, all while enjoying a class or
wine or two with friends. Sounds pretty fun, right?

At our Vino and Van Gogh classes, which are taught monthly here at Local Color, the
atmosphere is very casual and low-pressure, and there is no experience necessary to

The mix of wine and paint parties seem to be so successful because they provide an
opportunity to be creative, relax, and enjoy time with friends. Another added bonus
is that all you need to bring is yourself. Our Vino and Van Gogh class costs $40.00
per class, however, we make that $40.00 count—all materials and supplies you need
are furnished for you (including the yummy wine).

If you’re looking for a little art related fun in Joplin, MO to help break up your
normal routine, please call the Local Color Art Gallery at (417) 553-0835 to sign up
for the next Vino and Van Gogh class, as space is limited. We look forwarded to
seeing you soon!