Tricia Courtney, Joplin MO

Tricia CourtneyRich color and bold strokes created with a palette knife and “an extreme amount of paint” are what Tricia’s oils are about. Her approach to other mediums yields equally intriguing results. Over the last several years she has alternated between oils, recycled metal assemblage, vibrant acrylic drip paintings, and an entire world of fanciful, whimsical children’s characters – “The Land of the Buzzlewics” and the “Zoppyzeeps”.

Tricia, past director of the Rose Gallery of Fine Arts in Joplin, earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting from Southwest Missouri State University in Springfield. She finds that the same abilities that sustained her through 27 years as a newspaper graphic artist — working rapidly, thinking quickly, designing on a moment’s notice — continue to fuel her creative style. As she says, “Inspiration comes from everything that surrounds me, and those years gave me the edge to take chances, to be spontaneous.”.